Joe Zwillenberg

“Marshal has the pulse of the city like no one I’ve ever met. If information were a commodity, Marshal would be Fort Knox. He’s a developer and a friend, he gets it done.”

Joe ZwillenbergDeveloper, Owner Westport Flea Market

“Marshal Blount has been a blessing to us – he helped us on his own accord! We searched for months for a new space. When we found a spot we really wanted, he was able to purchase the building just for us and made it affordable. We have also been much more successful in our new space and were allowed to decorate and landscape as we wished. It is nice to work with an individual instead of a corporation – Marshal is a real human being with a heart. We’re able to call, text or email when we need something with a quick response. I can only say positive things about working with Marshal Blount.”

CherylPampered Paws

“Marshal makes things happen, and quickly – we’ve been very happy with him. He worked with and met with the building code inspector to see that we met all guidelines. We were able to get in and have our business up and running faster than we anticipated.  He also has a construction crew that is very responsive to the lessee’s needs. I would recommend him to anyone.”

JoePooches Paradise
Bayman Zakeri

“They’re always pleasant and friendly – great to work with.”

Bayman ZakeriWe Buy Gold