Right Size Case Study: Computer Recycling LLC

David Batcheller, Owner of Computer Recycling, was ready for a change.Computer Recycling LLC

“We were located just down Wornall Road when I noticed this space had come available. We had too much retail space that we just weren’t using.”

Luckily, Batcheller was already a tenant of UpJohn Blount, and when the time came for his business to move, Marshal Blount was ready to assist.

“Marshal and I are both entrepenuer-minded, which is why we work well together,” said Batcheller.

Computer Recycling LLC is a leader in responsible IT Asset recycling and retirement solutions for businesses — both large and small — and institutions across the Midwest.   Centrally located in Kansas City, the company has been in the business for over 15 years.  The space is shared with IT Central – Laptop Squad, also developed by Batcheller.

Now that both businesses have settled into their new more efficient space, Batcheller is much happier.

“I would recommend UpJohn Blount to anyone looking for the right space for their business,” Batcheller concludes.