New Kid on the Block Craig Kenton – American Family Insurance

Craig Kenton - Upjohn BlountThere’s a new kid on the block at 7422 Wornall Road – Craig Kenton of American Family Insurance. Kenton has spent the last 15 years as a financial advisor and joined the American Family Insurance team in August of 2015. In January of 2016 Kenton began the leasing process with UpJohn Blount Real Estate and moved into the space at 7422 Wornall Road.

Kenton was pleased with the whole leasing process saying it was, “pleasant and fast”. UpJohnBlount comes highly recommended by Kenton and he has already referred several friends to UpJohnBlount Development. Kenton is an advocate for the leasing process provided by UpJohn Blount and said that Marshal Blount of UpJohn Blount Real Estate has a great heart.

If you’re looking to lease your next office space, look no further, UpJohn Blount has a space for you! Just take it from Craig Kenton and lease from a company with a great heart and easy leasing process. Check out our available properties HERE.