New Tenant at Romeneli Commons – Loren Rea

Wonder what it’s like to lease space from UpJohn Blount? Well wonder no more! We recently talked with a new tenant at ourLoren Rea
Romanelli Commons Property, Loren Rea Law Office, to get a little insight. Loren Rea is the owner and Attorney at Rea Law in Kansas City, Missouri and has been leasing the Romanelli Commens space from UpJohn Blount for a few months now.

Loren Rea has been practicing law in Kansas City for 40 years and has recently moved from his office in Westport to Romanelli Commons, in Kansas City. Loren said, “Working with UpJohn Blount to rent the new office space has been a great process! From the initial walk through, to the signing of the lease, UpJohn Blount has made this new move so easy and hassle free”.

Looking to rent a new space, but not sure where to look? Look no further! Take Loren Rea’s personal recommendation and rent from UpJohn Blount! You won’t be sorry!

Chandelier Commons – The Right Size for Blue Skies

If you’re curious about what it’s like to lease from Upjohn Blount, we’ve got you covered! We’ve talked with one of our tenants, Consuela Shorter, at our Chandelier Commons property at 72nd and Wornall in the Waldo area. Consuela is a learning and development professional at Blue Skies Performance Solutions and specializes in organizational, management and training development.

According to Consuela, Chandelier Commons is in a great area for her office because it’s close to home – and a great price.  “I really like that I have the ability to paint my suite and make the space my own. Also, with it being in the Waldo area, it’s really convenient with all the shops and restaurants so close,” said Consuela.

Consuela told us that she’s had a great experience with Upjohn Blount, “I haven’t had any problems with the space and Upjohn Blount is always quick to help me with any questions I have.”
If you’re looking for someone new to work with when dealing with your next property lease, Consuela says, “I would easily recommend to any of my friends to work with Upjohn Blount Real Estate.”