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A New Face at Romanelli Commons – Pete Walsh

If you are looking for a productive and efficient office space, rent through UpJohn Blount real estate! UpJohn Blount has been leasing commercial and reality spaces across the Kansas City metropolitan area for over twelve years. Pete Walsh is a new tenant at one of UpJohn Blount’s properties, the Romanelli Commons. We recently met with him and discussed his experience renting with UpJohn Blount!

Pete Walsh is originally from St. Louis and attended Rockhurst University. He has worked in employee benefits for 25 years, the last 15 of which as a UpJohn Blountbroker and consultant. Pete specializes in employer groups with 50-200 employees to assist in managing their employee benefit offerings. He brings energy, humor and the ability to tell a good story to the Romanelli Commons offices!

This was Pete’s first time renting with UpJohn Blount. Pete says, “Marshall is a man of his word. When he says he will do something, he does it.” He goes on to say that honesty is what sets UpJohn Blount apart from other realtors. “[He is] not out to make a quick buck. [He is] there when you need him.”

The next time that you, or someone you know, is looking to rent an office space, take Pete Walsh’s personal experiences and rent from UpJohn Blount!

New Tenant at Romeneli Commons – Loren Rea

Wonder what it’s like to lease space from UpJohn Blount? Well wonder no more! We recently talked with a new tenant at ourLoren Rea
Romanelli Commons Property, Loren Rea Law Office, to get a little insight. Loren Rea is the owner and Attorney at Rea Law in Kansas City, Missouri and has been leasing the Romanelli Commens space from UpJohn Blount for a few months now.

Loren Rea has been practicing law in Kansas City for 40 years and has recently moved from his office in Westport to Romanelli Commons, in Kansas City. Loren said, “Working with UpJohn Blount to rent the new office space has been a great process! From the initial walk through, to the signing of the lease, UpJohn Blount has made this new move so easy and hassle free”.

Looking to rent a new space, but not sure where to look? Look no further! Take Loren Rea’s personal recommendation and rent from UpJohn Blount! You won’t be sorry!

Roni's Pub - UpJohn Blount - Four Winds

Roni’s Pub – New UpJohn Blount Tenant at Four Winds

Wonder what it’s like to lease space from UpJohn Blount? Well wonder no more! We recently talked with a new tenant at our Four Winds Property, Roni’s Pub, to get a little insight.

Scott Vangorden is the owner of Roni’s Pub in Overland Park, Kansas and has been leasing the Four Winds space from UpJohn Blount for several months.

According to Scott, business was a little slow at first, as patrons became aware that this was a new concept replacing a former drinking establishment. Roni’s features “the best pub grub in town and an awesome sports bar.” And once the word got out that this was a whole new quality concept, business took off.

Scott said working with UpJohn Blount to lease the space for Roni’s Pub was great. “There have been no problems and they’re very prompt when it comes to responding to calls regarding maintenance for the property,” said Scott.

Looking for a friendly recommendation on who to work with on your next property lease? Consider Scott Vangorden’s advise, “I would definitely recommend working with UpJohn Blount to a friend.”


Normal Human Sets Up Shop in Westport

UpJohn Blount is proud to work with Normal Human – a “wears and wares” local shop that recently found a new home in one of our spaces in Westport.

We caught up with Dan Mahaney, Co-Owner at the popular new shop for both locals and those passing through.
UJB: Are you a KC Native?
My business partner, Pat, and I were both born and raised in Kansas City. We each moved away for college for a few years, but moved back after to pursue careers and eventually start Normal Human.
UJB: What was the inspiration behind Normal Human?
We started the business with the idea of being more of a general print shop, not necessarily focused on apparel; we also print housewares like bar towels, aprons, etc, as well as flat prints such as cards and posters. The apparel aspect has always been a part of the operation, and we’ve just tried to remain flexible in producing what is most in-demand at any given time, which lately has been t-shirts.
UJB: Where was the shop before and what made you look for a new space?
We started in Mission, KS, but were in a spot that wasn’t conducive to foot traffic. We actually partnered with Aron Real Estate, whose focus is on the Crossroads district, and they introduced us to Marshal and Kevin, when we expanded our search to Westport. We had actually toured the space before Upjohn Blount had the listing, but weren’t sold on it. We came back to it when Upjohn Blount started showing it, and were able to reach a great agreement! We had to move pretty quickly, as the end of the lease on our space in Mission was rapidly approaching, and Marshal and Kevin partnered with Aron and us to expedite the process and get us moved in a timely manner!
We highly recommend stopping in and picking up a locally made item at Normal Human – or a few!

Right Size Case Study: Pampered Paws

Pampered PawsPampered Paws Finds the Perfect Fit

One of UpJohn Blount’s specialties is “right sizing” – finding a space that fits your needs today – and tomorrow.

Cheryl Wyrick, owner of Pampered Paws, a pet grooming boutique in Waldo, needed a more efficient space for her business – and one that suited her customers’ needs. UpJohn Blount was able to find a nearby space that worked perfectly for Pampered Paws.

“Marshal Blount has been a blessing to us – he helped us on his own accord!” said Cheryl. “We searched for months for a new space. When we found a spot we really wanted, he was able to purchase the building just for us and made it affordable.”

Now that Cheryl and her furry friends have been settled into the new space since spring of 2013, Cheryl says, “We have been much more successful in our new space and were allowed to decorate and landscape as we wished. It is nice to work with an individual instead of a corporation – Marshal is a real human being with a heart. We’re able to call, text or email when we need something with a quick response. I can only say positive things about working with Marshal Blount.”

After Cheryl was settled into the new space, she shared her move with customers: “This space is more of a “destination”.  We have private parking, and a big yard in the back for the dogs who stay with us. It feels like more of a spa now. We know you will love it too.”

Allow us to help you find a new space that fits your needs – Contact UpJohn Blount today!

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