Roni's Pub - UpJohn Blount - Four Winds

Roni’s Pub – New UpJohn Blount Tenant at Four Winds

Wonder what it’s like to lease space from UpJohn Blount? Well wonder no more! We recently talked with a new tenant at our Four Winds Property, Roni’s Pub, to get a little insight.

Scott Vangorden is the owner of Roni’s Pub in Overland Park, Kansas and has been leasing the Four Winds space from UpJohn Blount for several months.

According to Scott, business was a little slow at first, as patrons became aware that this was a new concept replacing a former drinking establishment. Roni’s features “the best pub grub in town and an awesome sports bar.” And once the word got out that this was a whole new quality concept, business took off.

Scott said working with UpJohn Blount to lease the space for Roni’s Pub was great. “There have been no problems and they’re very prompt when it comes to responding to calls regarding maintenance for the property,” said Scott.

Looking for a friendly recommendation on who to work with on your next property lease? Consider Scott Vangorden’s advise, “I would definitely recommend working with UpJohn Blount to a friend.”