Romanelli Commons Tenant Pamela Taylor, Phd. on UpJohn Blount

Dr. TaylorWe sat down with Pamela Taylor, Phd., Owner of New Hope Counseling Center and tenant of our Romanelli Commons building to see how her experience has been with UpJohn Blount.

UJB: How did you find out about Romanelli Commons?

Taylor: On Craigslist, actually.

UJB: After you had toured the facility, what made you decide to move your business to this location?

Taylor: Well, of course the price, and the location is great for my clients. I also like the aesthetics of the floor – the way it’s laid out.

UJB: You met with Marshal Blount to discuss the property – what was your impression?

Taylor: Marshal was ready to make things happen when we met, and he was flexible to my needs. Both of which I appreciated. I have also recommended two different people to Marshal since.

UJB: Now that you have been at Romanelli for nearly six months, how do you feel?

Taylor: After 6 months, it was a good decision. The location seems to work out better for most of my clients, and I plan to stay long term.I’d like to grow my business in this building – my clients are comfortable here.

Pamela Taylor, Phd. is the Owner of New Hope Counseling Center and has been in the field for 12 years. Her team consists of two additional counselors and two interns. New Hope works with children, adults and couples who are facing a variety of needs. They accept several insurance plans and self pay.